Women’s Training Centre has in collaboration with partner organisations in Estonia and abroad implemented nearly 30 projects, among them:

2010–2012 FCC – Facilitating Creative Dialogue. EU Grundtvig Multilateral Project
2006–2009 PLESES: Parental Leave – Experiences & Skills for Enterprises and Society. EU Socrates/Grundtvig programme
2006–2007 SWOD: Sexuality of Women with Disabilities. European Commission
2005 Summer school in Estonia for Georgian and Kyrgyzstan trainers. OSCE/ODIHR
2004Œ–2005 Disseminating  Estonia’s reform experience to the non-profit and public sectors in Georgia. Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
2004Œ–2005 Business mentoring. Enterprise Estonia
2003–2006 GEcel: Civic Education and Learning for Gender Mainstreaming. EU Socrates/Grundtvig programme
Handbook: Examples of Good Practice in Training – Highlights and Pitfalls
2003–2005 Women’s Career Progress. EU Leonardo da Vinci programme