Women’s Training Centre started its activities in the early 1990s. Its establishment was prompted by the need to empower women under the drastically changed political and  socio-economic context accompanying building of a democratic society and transition to a market economy following  re-establishment of independence in Estonia in 1991.

Pioneering role
The Women’s Training Centre has from the very start of its operations  been in the forefront of new developments introducing into the Estonian context  new topics and methods, areas of expertise and learning with no or very little expertise available locally. Among them business training and mentoring for women, gender equality and gender mainstreaming,  women’s economic and political empowerment and targeted interventions to provide women  career guidance and councelling; and most recently promoting dialogical communication

Key milestones
Since 1991 Business training for women, women entrepreneurs’ networks, international contact seminars
In 1992 Establishment of the Business and Professional Women, Estonia
Since 1995 Democracy training for women, women´s integration into public life, gender equality
In 1997 Initiator of the establishment of the Estonian Women´s Studies and Resource Centre
Since 1999 International and national mentoring programmes for women and men
Since 2000 Democracy and leadership training outside of Estonia, eg Georgia,  Azerbaijan, etc
Since 2005 Gender mainstreaming
Since 2009 Dialogical communication based on the theory and practice developed by David Bohm, Martin Buber, William Isaacs, Freeman Dorothy, Marina ja Johannes Hatkemeyer, etc to initiate change processes