DIALOGUE – Facilitating Creative Communication (2009–2012)
Funding: EU Lifelong Learning Programme
Grundtvig Multilateral Project
Coordinating organisation: Leipzig University, Centre for Research on Women and Gender


The DIA-FCC project intents to inspire and to promote the capability of dialogical communication and behaviour based on theory and practice developed by David Bohm, Martin Buber, William Isaacs, Freeman Dhority, Martina and Johannes Hartkemeyer and othersto initiate change processes.

Dialogue in this senseaims at generation of greater shared understanding in common exploration. The goal of dialogue is to find common ground in appreciating people's diversity. The main purpose of the project is to spread more of dialogue methodologyand dialogical attitudes, skills to facilitate the creation of a new culture of communication which leads to common creative thinking, new insights and creative solutions. Dialogue needs the development of core features and competencies which have to be trained in groups.

An experienced German/Austrian trainer DUO trains participants of different cultural background from 8 partner countries who want to broaden their scale of activities to support people and teams with pathways to improve their knowledge and competences to be proactive as well as in and for necessary change processes. It opens up for participants a multi-faceted field of common and mutual learning in a multicultural group to develop facilitator skills and experience. Gender sensitive DUO work of dialogue process facilitatingmarks the trainings as well as the learning offers for participants.

Results of project work are an interactive website, educational material to facilitate dialogue sessions, a sample of handbook for trainees in different languages, a Final Conference in Sofia and a further educational course for European  participants at the University of Leipzig. The certified alumni will form a European Network of Dialogue Process Facilitators(EuNetDPF).

Further information about the project:
European Network Dialogue Process Facilitators